Refinancing adds flexibility to your financial structure, by taking control and sculpting your financial situation, to assist with the progress in achieving your goals.

Do you understand the benefits of reviewing your home loan?

A home loan is a long-term commitment, which requires a client to re-evaluate its structure, approximately every three to five years.

What are your personal goals?

If you have a goal in mind – we want to make sure, that your finances are aligned with your goal, through every step of your journey. Life doesn’t wait for anyone and your personal situation will change from time-to-time.

Would an unexpected event disrupt your life?

Growing families, career changes and unexpected events are a few of the scenarios, which may cause your life path to alter. Don’t allow life’s changes to disrupt yours or your family’s way of living. Eliminate as much disruption as possible, by making calculated decisions with our lending specialists.

Are you receiving the support you require in life?

Reviewing your finances is an important process, to ensure that your bank is supporting you in the right way throughout your life journey. Decision Finance believes knowledge and understanding is key to making the right decisions in life. Our specialist team will work with you to make sure, that we understand your journey to secure a loan suited for your needs.


When life becomes busy – at times your finances may feel overwhelming. Limit multiple repayments by consolidating your different loans (car, credit card, personal); and you may find managing your finances easier.


Investment purchases come in numerous forms, for example: an investment property or investment into a business. An investment loan is similar to that of a home loan, which clients utilise to purchase an investment property. It is a method of purchasing a property to generate a profit; and in turn, receive income from. This is a solution for clients who wish to extend their real estate portfolio, but may not afford to do so without financial support.

Owner Occupied

An owner-occupied loan is designed for clients who plan to reside in the home, which the loan is required for. This loan purpose may fulfil different client requirements, ranging from the purchase of an existing house, to establish a new dwelling or renovate an existing house.

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