Property Loans
Property Loans

Property Loans

A property loan allows you to purchase a new home, to renovate an existing property or to grow your real estate portfolio. Regardless of what you require, we will find the solution.

Are you ready to purchase your first home?

It may be your first home and you are not exactly sure what is required to enter the market. Our specialist team have the experience and knowledge, to guide you through this journey and keep you informed throughout the process. Buying your first property is the start of a life long journey in making sure, that you build the life you want to live.

Ready for your next step in life?

You may be looking for more space with your growing family or simply need to change your location due to work or school commitments. Whatever your needs are, let us help you with making the right decision in financing your property purchase.

Are you ready to further build your property portfolio?

Decision Finance specialists understand the importance of structuring your loan to successfully build your property portfolio and help lead you toward your retirement goals.

Looking forward to retiring?

At Decision Finance, we understand the importance of planning for the future – our specialist team are able to assist with investment purchases and structured home loans, with self managed superfunds.


A bridge loan is a short-term solution, utilised when a client is in the middle of a transition. For example: buying a house; and selling another. The financing from one of our lenders will cover an interval between two separate transactions. When sourcing this type of finance, the client is in a position to meet their current obligations, by having access to immediate cash flow.


To cover the cost of a construction or renovation project is simply a matter of securing a short-term loan, with the Decision Finance team. These types of loans vary for construction, renovation or the purchase of a vacant plot of land. The loan pays your choice of builder (or yourself, if you are an owner/builder) in stages, based on the progress of the build. Hence, releasing the required funds to support the process accordingly.

First Home Buyers

The mixed emotions of excitement and nerves as our clients embark on owning their first home is tremendously rewarding – allow us to be your guide, understand and secure the best loan to suit your budget, save you money in the long-run and finally ensure that you are in your new home sooner, rather than later. Let us make your first home purchase enjoyable and one of accomplishment.


Investment purchases come in numerous forms, for example: an investment property or investment into a business. An investment loan is similar to that of a home loan, which clients utilise to purchase an investment property. It is a method of purchasing a property to generate a profit; and in turn, receive income from. This is a solution for clients who wish to extend their real estate portfolio, but may not afford to do so without financial support.

Next Property Purchase

Are you eager to purchase your next investment property or desire a larger home? There are many reasons for a new property purchase, whether it is a sea change or downsizing your house. There are numerous areas to consider in the finance process, allow us to offer our advice and direction on your loan decision.

SMSF - Self Managed Super Fund

By establishing a SMSF – the client takes control of the way their superannuation is managed. Superannuation management includes the distribution of funds to make profit and grow monies, which become available to the client after their work life ceases.

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