Dream Home

You're always
one decision away
from a totally
different life.

Dream Home

You're always
one decision away
from a totally
different life.

Welcome to Decision Finance

Making a financial decision should be an easy and exciting process. Let us help you make the right decision by providing you with an easy and clear solution – to achieving your next goal in life. We are welcoming you into our lives, so that we can make a difference to yours.

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Business Loans

If you have a business idea, we have the knowledge on how to support it. Business requires a solid foundation to launch successful growth.

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Personal Loans

A personal loan gives life to your dream! It is having added support to create a lifestyle you desire – with the option of having the security of fixed regular repayments.

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Property Loans

A property loan allows you to purchase a new home, to renovate an existing property or to grow your real estate portfolio. Regardless of what you require, we will find the solution.

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Refinancing adds flexibility to your financial structure, by taking control and sculpting your financial situation, to assist with the progress in achieving your goals.

Our Process

Understand the simplicity of our process, in three easy steps – from the moment our clients engage with our lending specialists.


Talk To Our Lending Specialsts

The initial step is to obtain an understanding of your exact loan requirements.


Deciding On The Right Loan For You

Our lending specialists will find the best loan in the market, to satisfy your needs.


We Complete Your Application

Eliminating stress and complication from the negotiation and submission of your loan.

Why People Choose Us

Our executives are not interested in selling our clients ‘a bank’ or ‘a promotion’. Their aim is to find the most suitable loan to attain your goals.

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Dedicated Specialists

It is always about having the right team, supporting you throughout life. Our dedicated specialists will guide you in making the right decisions, to achieve your goals.

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Zero Fees!

Clients will always require information to reach their goals. Understand your lending capability and have the freedom to decide. Book your free consultation with your lending specialist today.

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Customer Success

Client satisfaction is always our priority, with our executives having assisted over 5,500 clients nationwide – in both mortgage and commercial lending to date. Let your success start here.

What People Are Saying

Our client service is not just in one area of our business, it defines our company. Decision Finance strives to understand your expectations, so that we aim to exceed them.