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"Once you let me
know what your
dreams are,
I will make them
my goals."

- Matthew Sharlassian

Matthew Sharlassian


After over a decade in the finance sector and transitioning into his new role as a director, Matt realised one key fundamental, he wants to be himself, as much as you do. This is the one relationship that once obtained, will be easily maintained – and will definitely continue.
Born and raised in Melbourne’s South East, Matthew has combined his vast knowledge of banks, loans, Melbourne’s property market and the diversity of people. Understanding the client demographic has been a crucial aspect in how Matthew operates.

“I didn’t fit into the corporate mould, I never wanted to.”

“I felt trapped and frustrated by the “rules” [only custom to one large bank] knowing that there were better and more suitable options available in the industry for my clients. I didn’t enjoy pushing products, which weren’t right for the individual; and I found myself fighting for clients. This is why Decision Finance became my decision to move forward.”

As Matthew matured in his role, he came to the realisation, that he needed to be true to himself – “I was giving clients 100%, but I was limited to provide options from only one bank. Now, I am able to give clients 110% with numerous options in the marketplace at my fingertips. I needed to give back to my customers by providing them with more options.”

At Decision Finance Matt has received the endearing title “social banker”, as that is exactly what he is… Matt becomes a part of your family; his charm is fuelled by honesty, direct answers and humour.

Matt’s service is driven by understanding what provides his clients with the simple pleasures in life – and what is making life difficult. He wants you to be ‘real’ with him, so that he can work for you to the best of his ability, structure loans to get the job done, without making any of the journey painful.

Matt’s background includes studying marketing and entering the banking sector, his career began with servicing calls, business servicing, business enquiries, sales (inbound) and personal banking nationwide. Matt found his niche, when he became a face-to-face banker (in Melbourne’s South East), earning a nomination for Banker of the Year 2015 – for one of the largest banking institutions in the country.

Through his expertise and knowledge, Matthew is able to tailor solutions ideal for individuals through a seamless and professional process – and once he is done, he will be more than happy to kick back and have a chat about life.

“Your finances should be uncomplicated and easily managed, people need to be comfortable with their decisions in life, so that they can enjoy living, not just existing. Know your power as a client – it is about having all the access to all the products available to you in the market! Once you let me know what your dreams are, I will make them my goals”

Achieve your financial goals with Decision Finance today!