Personal Loans
Personal Loans

Personal Loans

A personal loan gives life to your dream! It is having added support to create a lifestyle you desire – with the option of having the security of fixed regular repayments.

Are you ready to start driving your dreams?

From the moment we are handed our driving licence, the idea of owing our own vehicle raises questions of ‘when and how?’.
The farm might require a new tractor, a family may be expecting a new member or you may simply want to feel the wind in your hair in a luxurious convertible after a work promotion. Our team understands, that the need for a vehicle varies from one client to another – let us advise you on how to achieve this next step.

Do you have a desire to travel?

Experiencing the scent and culture of a new country is something, which will stay with you for life. Open your tastebuds to new cuisine and adventure. Do you plan on sharing a beverage with new-found friends overseas, hosting a wedding abroad, getting hitched in Vegas, making a pilgrimage, visiting family in your home-land or walking foreign shores – these are all life changing experiences. Do you have a sense of wanderlust? Decision Finance knows and appreciates the benefits of awakening your natural senses with travel.

Is it time to consolidate your stress?

Don’t let debt get you down, the overwhelming feeling of multiple credit card repayments can cause pressure and unwanted stress on your personal life. Take charge of your finances by making liberating decisions, to assist with solving debt issues; and moving forward with your actual life goals.


Life is busy – and at times, our finances may feel overwhelming. Limit multiple repayments by consolidating your different loans (car, credit card, personal); and you may find that managing your finances becomes easier.


Lifestyle has a different meaning for each person. If you are considering a loan to enhance your current situation, it may be orientated around changing an aspect of your life scope – this could be to introduce luxury, live out a leisurely experience or even gain personal stability or freedom in how you choose to live.

Do you have an urge to explore Europe’s history and culture, drive the family around Australia’s coastline or would you prefer to lie on a beach in tropical Fiji sipping on yaqona (kava)? Let us work out what loan would fund your next travel adventure and fuel your life with purposeful experiences!


Purchasing a vehicle can often mark a milestone in a person’s life. The reasons for vehicle loans range from a growing family, a first car, a ute to store and transport your tools (and your best mate), a new tractor for your farm or even a mini-bus to suit a new occupation.

The range of cars and motorbikes available in the motor industry are extensive. The first step is to know, what it is you want in a car or motorbike (which will cater for your needs), and then let our team of lending specialist work out how to secure your dream purchase.

With the increasing popularity of beach homes, bayside residences and water sports throughout Australia – boats and jet skis are becoming household essentials for many Australians. Decision Finance will assist in minimising any concerns, which may restrict you from enjoying your early morning fishing trips or summer adventures.

New or old caravans come in all colours, shapes and sizes – to cater for the individual needs and wants of clients. The options are endless. Once you have chosen the caravan to suffice all your requirements, we will direct you to the loan to secure it!

Trailers come in all various forms: machinery, tradesman, lawn mowing, car carrier, enclosed, single axle, tipper, and tandem trailers to name a few… Sometimes life’s demands simply call for a trailer and our team understand how to assist our clients when it does!

Achieve your financial goals with Decision Finance today!