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- Adham Dimachki

“I am happy to
deliver the
hard truths, to
achieve the
best outcome.”


Adham Dimachki


Adham Dimachki’s stimulation for life is often found in the layout of his vision and business goals. His natural business instinct is both part of his charm and success. “Understanding how business and finance work together, allows the discovery of endless possibilities, which you would otherwise not look for.” Explains Adham.

Adham’s introduction to Decision Finance was based on recognising the opportunity, to apply his personal innovation and business knowledge, into the finance industry. “The four qualities of any business team should encompass: passion, trust, loyalty and business acumen, as the first three are vital qualities that money can’t buy and you definitely can’t teach.” According to Adham.

“I don’t invest in businesses, I invest in people. My personal integrity is everything for me.” Therefore, Adham refuses to involve himself in a business, which he doesn’t believe in. “Investing in Decision Finance was a no-brainer, as I am investing in my fellow partners [Matty and Arshak] and their personal and business attributes.”

A deciding factor for Adham to invest in Decision Finance was based on believing in the company’s moral compass; whilst, being able to add growth to the business model, through innovation.

Adham is here to teach methods on problem solving and restoring strength and courage in business clients and their direction. “I believe, that there is always a solution to every obstacle, I thrive on problem solving and assisting to achieve the right outcome.”

Finding his passion through re-inventing business structures and creating points of difference in competitive markets, is the makeup behind his personal success. “I look at business, similarly, to how I view a successful football club. You’re only as good as your culture, board members, coaches and team – and staying ahead of the game and forward thinking is crucial.”

Adham prides himself on creating fundamental systems, so that when a business gains momentum the team is not reactive, but rather proactive.

His personal business journey includes:

  • Establishing a stonemason company, which was ranked fifth-highest performing in the state (VIC), within two years of operation.
  • Building developments projects – both domestic and commercial.
  • Investing and raising capital, through his extensive network for start-ups, pre-IPO and IPO (Initial Public Offering) mining projects.
  • Director roles in exploration mining companies, both domestic (South Australia) and internationally (Tanzania, Africa).
  • Founding and establishing Rookie Me, which was a concept in 2012; to now a thriving corporation in 2017. The RM umbrella incorporates an online sporting system, RM Academy (based on Australian rules football) and the conduction of athletic performance testing events as the Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL.

Born in Australia and living part of his teenage years overseas in a developing country, has shaped Adham’s ethics, vision and determination to succeed in life. Passionate about business, great food, lifestyle and sports – residing in Melbourne has been a great fit for both Adham and his young family.

Clients will benefit from Adham’s business knowledge; through his experience in mergers, acquisitions, negotiating and his well-established national and international network – from both a personal and commercial standpoint.

He always finds the time for understanding why there are cracks in the foundation of a business – failure is not part of Adham’s vocabulary. “I can’t promise, that I will always say what you want to hear, but I will definitely say what you need to hear – I am happy to deliver the hard truths, to achieve the best outcome.”

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