Business Loans
Business Loans

Business Loans

If you have a business idea, we have the knowledge on how to support it. Business requires a solid foundation to launch successful growth.

Are you ready to start your business empire?

Embarking on a new journey or challenge in life, can be filled with mixed emotions. A first business is complemented by a combination of nerves, excitement and drive – Decision Finance have the right people to help you on this journey and support your first steps to owning your own business.

Does your business require a new machine?

Speak to us today about how we can help your business, by acquiring the equipment and tools you require to grow. Business structures are riddled with individual complexities at different intervals and stages; however, the right advice and financial support can ultimately differentiate between your business, ‘staying ahead of the pack’ or ‘simply running with the herd.

Are you ready to expand your business?

As a successful business model unfolds, further opportunities present themselves. When you are already a business owner, these opportunities come in various forms – another shop or franchise, a new project in the same field or a second business in a completely different industry. Wherever you see your business pathway directed the team at Decision Finance know how to guide you.

Do you have a life-long dream that you want to make a reality?

Your passion does not stop when you reach a crossroad in your career, it is never too late to realise your dreams and make that important decision to begin a new journey. Don’t discuss the missed opportunities in life… it is time to act now! Start making your dreams… goals, by pursuing your passion with the support of our lending specialists.

Asset Purchase

Asset purchase is a method of gaining equity through the purchase of items, which adds to the operation and value of your business. This process involves timely payments, until the client achieves full ownership of the asset. For example, this may be a company vehicle. This loan method enables the client to obtain assets, with being mindful of sustaining the business’ cash flow and growth.

Business Purchase

This loan method refers to acquiring goods or a business. There are various options, depending on the size and type of the business of interest. The Decision Finance team will advise accordingly to satisfy your needs.

Commercial Property

Commercial property branches off into different areas; such as, real estate investment or income property. This loan is applied when acquiring commercial buildings or land, which are purchased by the client with the intent to generate profit, capital gain, equity or rental income.

Equipment Purchase

Equipment purchase is crucial in many industries, to sustain growth and demand of the business market. For example: this may be a machine, which will aid business growth, but the business cannot afford outright. The equipment purchase allows for the repayments of the machine, sufficing demand in the market of a particular product or service, without disabling the business’ core function. Types of equipment purchases include: finance lease, operating lease (rental), commercial hire purchase and chattel mortgage.


Investment purchases come in numerous forms, for example: an investment property or investment into a business. An investment loan is similar to that of a home loan, which clients utilise to purchase an investment property. It is a method of purchasing a property to generate a profit; and in turn, receive income from. This is a solution for clients who wish to extend their real estate portfolio, but may not afford to do so without financial support.

LOC - Line Of Credit

A line of credit once attained by a client, assists with facilitating supplier purchases. It is a highly efficient and effective method of purchasing stock and increasing business inventory. LOC may also be used with international supplier purchases, creating increased flexibility for overseas transactions.


The prime focus of an overdraft is to create cash flow, which is not currently present in a business. It functions similarly to a business credit card (minus the fees and minimum monthly payments). There is a predetermined credit limit; hence, setting a credit limit from the beginning of how the business is allowed to draw on funds.

SMSF - Self Managed Super Fund

By establishing a SMSF – the client takes control of the way their superannuation is managed. Superannuation management includes the distribution of funds to make profit and grow monies, which become available to the client after their work life ceases.

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