Vince and Joanna

By: Matthew

My wife and I had been with one of the four major banks for numerous years, but I felt there was a lot more out there which I had not discovered (options). For most people your home mortgage and banking requirements are just either here or there. I was like that, but then, some poor executive decisions caused me to start taking more interest in my affairs.
I contacted Matt at Decision Finance and we had a casual lunch, no suits and no formalities just so he could establish what we required. Matt spoke in plain english and made me feel comfortable, not like other experiences where I felt like I had been pushed into a corner, with no options. From that moment on, Matt took the reins and told me, that he would get back to me with some different institutions and their options.

For once, I actually felt that someone was trying to help me and not to benefit their own company’s profit. Matt got back to me quickly and was able to organise a visit to our home to discuss the options. Once we decided on the best institution that would work for us, he helped us with the paperwork, with minimal delays.

I certainly would recommend Matt and the team at Decision Finance for all your financial needs!

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