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"If I believe in your
deal, I will fight
until it is done."

- Arshak Badelian

Arshak Badelian


Arshak’s confidence and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, has allowed him to be at the top of his game throughout his finance career. Arshak prides himself on his thorough communication and technical skills, which has played a crucial role in his client rapport.

“My great passion is to assist, by using my skills to help create solutions and remove unnecessary worries, allowing my clients to reach their goals.”

Arshak’s finance career was established in his hometown of Sydney – he and his young family now call Melbourne home. Based in Sydney at the beginning of his career, allowed Arshak to establish a strong affluent personal network, which he has now expanded and continued to grow since settling in Melbourne. Having a stronghold in both major cities has been an attribute to his performance.

Arshak completed a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems at the University of NSW (UNSW), his Certificate of Registration (REINSW in the real estate industry) focusing on investment property, and prospered in one of Australia’s largest banks for over twelve years, as a home loan specialist, a branch manager, which included managing one of the top 60 branches in Australia during 2009-2010, before becoming a mobile lender.

These diverse fields have all complemented one another, which in turn has permitted Arshak to fulfil his current role as a Director.

“People have individual wants and needs; and my training ranges in complex scenarios to domestic requirements and lifestyle choices.”

Having an extensive knowledge of complex loan structures and lending to self-employed applicants, as well as company and trust structures – is his strength and speciality.

“When a client presents a financial problem, which causes great stress, it is not uncommon for these issues to have a domino effect in other areas of their life. Therefore, it is key to keep the detail of a transaction simple, by assisting the client to understand the workings of the process and to feel comfortable with the outcome. If I believe in your deal, I will fight until it is done.”

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